The Salt of the Earth

We are the salt of the earth.  
In the days in which this was spoken, there was no refrigeration. Salt was used to prevent the corruption and degradation of food. We are called to prevent the corruption and degradation of the society in which we live. We cannot do that by remaining uninvolved in the political process. Ours is not only the right to vote and encourage others to do the same. Ours is the responsibility.

There are many who wear the label of Christian who are refusing to vote in November because they refuse to vote for a Mormon. Mitt Romney was not my first choice, but he is our only choice against Obama. Now is not the time for a misplaced sense of righteous indignation. Now is the time for unity as we stand together against another four years of the current administration carrying out a decades-old strategy to nullify our Constitution and the individual liberties it guarantees us.

If you think this is business as usual, think again. We are at a crossroads in our nation. Our freedom is at stake. Our future is at stake. With the same resolve that our founding fathers stood against tyranny as they established this free nation, so must we now unite as one and ardently fight against the forces that would strip away our liberty and move us toward socialism and worse.

They fought with guns and cannons. Our weapon is our vote. We CAN turn this ship around. There is no perfect candidate, so stop expecting one and using imperfection as an excuse not to fulfill YOUR civic duty. 

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