Ten More Things I Love About Autumn

Since I love this season so much, I thought I’d indulge myself with an additional 10 Things list to celebrate the season. The photo at left is that of a little guy who stands proudly in front of our house. Thank you in advance for bearing with me on this little journey through my love for Autumn.

1. The crisp blue of an October sky
2. S’mores (duh – I can’t believe I forgot this on my first list!)
3. The sound of rustling leaves
4. Wishing both parents Happy Birthday (Dad on October5 and Mom on October31)
5. Adopting my fall “look” (hair color, wardrobe, and of course, shoes and boots)
6. Making “cool weather” dinners like homemade soup or chili and cornbread
7. Perusing cookbooks and recipe magazines for new slow cooker recipes
8. Cooking Thanksgiving dinner and inviting over friends who don’t have family close by
9. Pumpkin Spice latte at Sweet Bay
10. Sipping hot tea from a favorite mug before bed (made more enticing by a molasses cookie or piece of gingerbread!)

Thank You, Lord, for the ability to see, hear,
taste, smell, and feel the passing of each season.
Thank You for Your presence in so many of the
things and people we walk by everyday with
little or nothing more than a passing glance.
Open our eyes to see Your hand and our ears
to hear Your voice. Tune our hearts to Yours
as we take the time to stop, look, listen …
and be thankful. Amen.
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