The sizzle of summer heat is not exactly on my top ten list of favorite things – I’m an autumn gal to the core. But in the interest of maintaining a positive outlook on the inevitable, I thought I would make a list of ten things I do like about summer. Without further ado …

1. The smell of a fresh, juicy peach
2. The soothing hum of a fan in the window at night
3. Fresh berries – eaten alone, over angel food cake, or in smoothies or cobblers
4. Watching lightning bugs in the yard from the front porch (our dog Sheba likes to chase them)
5. Anything David cooks on the grill
6. Getting together with friends for barbecue and watching fireworks on the Fourth of July
7. Indulging in Hawaiian shaved ice (favorite flavor – black cherry/vanilla cream)
8. Iced tea – and lots of it
9. Playing barber as I give both David and Sheba their summer haircuts (different clippers, of course!)

And last, but certainly not least, my absolute favorite thing about summer is …

10. The anticipation of the cooler temps and the pending arrival of my favorite season, autumn!

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