Homemade Mosquito Repellent

The following is an article I posted in The Town Messenger Webzine (Published 4.13.12)

With the weather warming up and Central Texas in full bloom, my inner outdoorsy girl has begun to emerge once again, and I am enjoying spending some portion of most evenings sitting outside just chillaxin’.

My much-deserved chill time was recently interrupted, however, by the unbearable nuisance of little mosquitoes and gnats. Not one to be easily removed from my favorite chill spot, I quickly engaged in a little online research on homemade insect repellents. There were plenty of opinions to glean from, so I went with my typical approach – go with my gut and what I think will work for me (and what I happen to have on hand).

I quickly mixed up a little potion of distilled water and about 20-25 drops each of lavender and tea tree essential oils in a 3 oz plastic bottle. I shook it up, rubbed it on my arms, legs and neck, and boldly marched back outside and resumed my rightful place in my favorite camp chair.

Lo and behold, the magic potion worked its wonders, and I was not bothered by a single winged critter. I actually watched them get very close to me but back off before they could land on me. It turns out they don’t like the smell of the lavender, and the tea tree oil must have a similar effect on them. ‘Tis true!

No more sticky, stinky chemical-based bug spray for me! My sweet little blend of happiness in a bottle will do me just fine, thank you very much! Next time I will use a small spray bottle to simplify the application process.

What kinds of homemade remedies do you enjoy making?

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