Fried Wires

It is not uncommon for the things that God is saying and doing in the supernatural to manifest in the natural world around us. Another such occurrence happened to me this morning.One of the things that has been rumbling around in my spirit in recent weeks has been that it is through our intentional intimacy with Jesus that we find our power and strength to engage the coming days. 
Our power went out this morning. The main power wire coming into the trailer had fried. It was 6:30, pitch black dark and 36 degrees outside.For the next three and a half hours I was in a forced downtime while David and his brother worked to replace the wiring and restore the power to the trailer. 
Some of this time I used to pay a little visit to Psalm 18. I found there much encouragement for my heart for a variety of things I have been wrestling with lately. This unplanned time alone reading the Word by candlelight while bundled up trying to stay warm did my heart good. 
“You, Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.”    Psalm 18:28
The picture here this morning was one of me sitting quietly, spending time reading and listening, while power was being restored to my dwelling – with no help from me. The wire had been burned in one place and was worn in another. I don’t want to be that wire. I don’t want to be worn and burnt, useless as a conduit of His power that is meant to course through my life to the world around me. 
The hardest part to wrap my brain around is that I don’t have to do anything to empower myself.  He does that. We are so used to desired results being based on our own efforts (and there is a time and place for that), that the concept of being used of God in powerful ways without our own strength being the driving force is almost foreign. Our hearts might embrace it, but our heads struggle with it.
“It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure.”  Psalm 18:32

So here is the bottom line – while I am still before Him, taking in His word (written and spoken), He is renewing my strength (restoring my power).

I get it, Lord.

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