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Busy is as busy does. Okay, that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but I needed a catchy opening line for this not so spectacular posting.

I really just wanted to make available for your viewing pleasure a short video comprised of photos from this year’s Hope Fest. Normally I would have preferred to have this done much sooner after the actual event, but as my opening line indicates, I’ve been quite busy and just finished the video this week.

For more details on what we did and why, as well as why the song in the video is significant, please take a minute to check out the post from June 17 entitled “You’re the One.”

Otherwise, I’ll let the video speak for itself. Enjoy, and remember, He will leave the ninety-nine to pursue the heart of one. You, dear friend, are indeed the one.

PS: Before you start the video, don’t forget to go to the music player on the left side of this page and stop or pause the song that is playing.

The song: Leaving Ninety-Nine by Audio Adrenaline

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