About Me

rw1 square no bgWelcome to my online home. This is where I share little glimpses into the inner workings of a woman with more imperfections than I can count and who is continually humbled by the Lord’s determination to use me anyway. My hope is that you will find here something that will encourage you in your own journey as we walk shoulder-to-shoulder through this adventure called life.

I am a Texas girl who comes from a long line of God-fearing, hard-working men and women who taught me how to live justly, love mercy and walk humbly with my God.

I am a sucker for acoustic guitar music, tight harmonies, miniature anything (teeny tiny things are too cute!) and a good story. Some of my favorite things are the smell of rain, the feel of St. Augustine grass under my bare feet, the sound of baby giggles and the warm gooey goodness of chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven.

I am married to a man who encourages me to fly while keeping me grounded and has taught me what unconditional love really looks like.

My professional background is primarily in the insurance industry and group benefits. Once I was freed from the day-to-day business world, I have been a business owner, graphic designer, media consultant, writer and marketing consultant, done website design and maintenance and published an online magazine and community newsletter.

Currently I am enjoying the freedom to help care for my mom and working from home as a LegalShield Independent Associate. In my spare time (happy delusion), I manage an online radio station, American Heritage Network Radio. It’s never a dull moment around here, and life is too short not to appreciate the crazy, messed up, wonderful, amazing swirl of ups and downs, laughter, tears and sheer glory of it all. Count it all joy!

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