A Little Chat with Myself

Tonight I am feeling a bit introspective as I consider the fact that while time continues to march on, historically measured in years, decades & centuries, our lives are made up of moments. One by one they tiptoe past us, quietly becoming a part of our past just as swiftly as they arrived. Tonight, my mood is a little sullen and my heart is a little heavy.

I feel no need to delve into the details of the events and circumstances behind my current mood. What I need is a little self-talk, to address my spirit face-to-face. I’m inviting you to listen in.

I need to remind myself that my moments rest in the hands of the Almighty. The same God who spoke the universe into existence and who governs eternity with wisdom and justice, this same God is still standing right here beside me, inviting me to rest my head on His chest as He wraps His arms around me in a gentle yet strong embrace that both comforts me and protects me from whatever it is that I imagine might try to swallow me up.

I need to remind myself that no matter what my emotions tell me, my joy is found in the One who rejoices over me with singing, and His joy actually strengthens me. The Hope of the Nations is my own personal source of hope.

My peace (that crazy peace that flies up in the face of circumstance that would dictate otherwise) lies buried deep inside, in a wellspring that trickles, then flows, then forges its way up to the surface as a rushing river, overtaking me like a raging torrent. Sweet waters of peace – life-giving waters …

If talking to yourself is a mark of insanity, then I guess I’m in good company. The psalmist David spoke to himself, with such admonitions as:

“Why so downcast, o my soul? Put your hope in God.”

Well, to my spirit, I say:

“Do not be downcast another moment. Put your hope in God. Remember Who your source is. Get your emotions in check, and remember Whose you are. Turn your gaze fully on His face, and everything else will melt away. Stop looking for something to do, and simply be. Stand firmly and quietly in His presence, and the answers will come.”

I feel better now. I’m glad we had this little talk.

Tonight’s music from my heart is
“Worth It All” by Rita Springer.

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