10 Things I Love About Autumn

It’s early October, and these are the first days of my absolute favorite season of the year – Autumn. I’m not sure exactly when I decided that Autumn was superior in my mind to every other season, but it was probably somewhere between ice-covered power lines and a peeling sunburn. Regardless of when or why, I love this time of year more than any other, so I thought I’d compile another 10 Things list in honor of the cool and cozy days ahead. Here are ten of my favorite things about Autumn.

(1) Fall candle scents like Pumpkin Pie Spice & Mulled Cider.
(2) The breathtaking eyeful of color when the leaves turn after the first cold snap.
(3) The smell that a wood-burning fireplace causes to linger throughout the neighborhood.
(4) Camping in the Ozarks.
(5) Decorating the house (inside and out) with pumpkins, fall flowers, colored leaves, & pine cones.
(6) The anticipation of visiting family and friends for the coming holidays.
(7) Hayrides.
(8) Having an excuse to listen to Christmas music in preparation for rehearsals for holiday festivities.
(9) The crisp coolness in the air that inspires the trade of capris and sandles for sweaters and boots.
(10) Curling up for a nap under a cozy blanket and near an open window.

Seasons change. To the cynic, they are a reminder that time continues marching on at its own pace, whether we like it or not, and all we can do is hold on for dear life. But to the thankful heart, seasons inspire hope – that tomorrow is a new day filled with promise and wonder. They also remind us to savor every moment, nurture every relationship, welcome each new day.

Teach me, Lord, to embrace every passing season
as a precious gift, thankful for lessons learned,
laughter shared and moments cherished.
Teach me to live every moment to its fullest potential.
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