The Purest Form of Worship

In the spirit of keeping things simple and getting back to basics, I am not writing a new post this morning. Rather, I am sharing with you something I wrote a couple of months ago. The following a is a brief article I wrote for our worship team’s newsletter over the summer. It includes an excerpt from a blog post, “Martha Gets a Time Out.


Mary. That is such a simple, common name for a woman who in one moment quietly made a choice that placed her at the feet of Jesus, and who without a word demonstrated worship in its purest form. Surrounded by things that needed to be done and people who wanted her to do them, Mary set her gaze on the face of Jesus. She sat down on the floor at His feet and listened to Him as He shared His heart. Worship doesn’t get any more simple and pure than that – wordless wonder as we look on His face and listen to His voice.

Much emphasis is placed in most circles on the various forms of worship: singing, dancing, praying, etc… But I believe that worship in its purest form is a matter of the heart. To gaze on the face of the One we adore and be silent as we take in every word that comes from His mouth—that is true worship.

I often find myself so busy with the stuff of life that I fail to spend genuine time at His feet, just me and Him. It’s in these precious moments, no matter when or where they happen, when my gaze is fixed on Him and my heart is tuned into His voice, that my spirit is renewed and my soul restored.

As worshipers we must make these “Mary moments,” as I like to call them, a priority in our every day lives. He is looking for those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. He is not impressed with our musical abilities—He gave them to us. He is interested in a pure heart that is completely His. Enter in.

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    Wow. Thank you so much for this post! :)

  2. Thank you for reading.