The Ancient Path

In the summer of 2002, my husband and I moved from Austin, Texas to Fort Smith, Arkansas. It was a job transfer that brought us here, but it was the Lord who led us here.

One of the first things we did was to begin searching for a church home. David had picked up a welcome packet from the Chamber of Commerce, and inside was a list of area churches. We sat down one afternoon and began looking it over. Having met while serving at an outdoor church for the homeless in Austin, we both hoped to find a local body of believers with a strong emphasis on outreach – a city vision.

As my eyes scanned down the usual choices, there was one name that captured my attention – City Christian Fellowship. Nice and simple, not fluffy or flashy. That Sunday, we walked into what immediately became home for us. We’ve been there ever since.

Our pastor has for many years been a worship leader/psalmist, and his latest recording, The Ancient Path, is a meditative worship album with Psalm 23 as its theme. It’s something I would like to share with you now.

Rather than rant on about how much I love this album and how I think everyone should have it, I will instead refer you to The Ancient Path’s website, where you can read about the story behind the project, download your free copy of the entire album (and the accompanying book), and learn more about the missions work in Belize that receives 100% of the proceeds from donations. Craig receives nothing from any of the money raised with this project. Donations are not required to download the album or the book. But they are appreciated.

Blessings all over you and yours,

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