Summer Travel Tips to Protect Your Identity

The following is from one of my business blogs, Barefoot Biz Blog. It is from a publication I just released offering practical tips to protect your identity and other personal and financial information while vacationing this summer. Enjoy – and stay safe!

Summer is here in all its sunshiny glory, and visions of lounging on a beach with a fruity beverage and feeling the sand between your toes may have you counting down the minutes until your vacation begins.

While you may not be worried about something sinister lurking just under the water’s surface, it may be prudent to be aware that an unsavory element could be lurking nearby.

A little awareness and a few proactive steps can go a long way toward protecting your sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

Freestyle Business Solutions has released a new Identity Insider: Summer Travel Tips to Protect Your Identity. The publication includes tips for social media, tagging your luggage, protection of personal electronic devices, what items to carry with you, keeping your home safe while you are gone and much more.

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