Smoke on the Mountain

Music from the Heart: Glory Come Down by Jason Upton

There are many things I could write about tonight, but only one thing is prevalent in my spirit at this late hour. The warfare in the heavenlies is intensifying.

I have experienced this myself over the past few days, and I am reading about it from others around the country who are also seeing an increase in spiritual activity, specifically where it pertains to God’s people being released into their destinies, and more specifically when that destiny includes some form of ministry to hurting people.

I had a dream last week where I was praying for a woman I did not know, and as I opened my mouth, I began to speak into the pain of her past, naming specific things that had wounded her and caused her to question her position in Christ, among other things. As I spoke, she began to weep, leaning into me with her head down as she surrendered to what the Lord was initiating for her release and freedom.

Over the past two days, I have encountered a level of warfare I have not seen in quite some time, and it involves some things the Lord is showing me about a woman I know of, but do not know personally (not the same one from the dream). The details are not relevant in this posting, and I’m not completely sure why I feel compelled to share this in this arena. But here is what I believe:

Someone will read this who has been experiencing an increased level of some combination of spiritual warfare and/or prophetic insight into people and situations around you. This has come after you have prayed for more of the Lord’s presence in your life, and you are not sure what to do with what you are beginning to see and sense. You may even be a little frightened by it. You have hesitated to share this with anyone, because you aren’t sure how it will be received or if it will be understood by those close to you.

Let me tell right here and right now that you are not alone. Be encouraged that what you are seeing and sensing will happen and is happening even now. As God has been strategically positioning His people for the activity that is coming, He is also calling us to a deeper level of awareness of His presence and a greater sensitivity to His ways. His presence can appear frightening to those who are not prepared to see Him.

When God told Moses to have the people consecrate themselves in preparation for coming up the mountain to meet with Him, He wanted all of Israel to participate. Instead, the people were frightened by the smoke and the clouds that accompanied His presence on the mountain, and they shrank back, sending Moses up alone to meet with God.

Let us not be like the children of Israel in this hour as God is again calling us up the mountain, His holy hill, to meet with Him. Let our hearts be like that of Moses, who boldly but humbly approached God’s manifest presence with a tenacious fervor.

God is speaking, and we must be still and quiet enough to hear His voice and ready to obey. Like the children of Israel who were led through the wilderness by a cloud and a pillar of fire, we must move when He moves and stay when and where He stays. When it’s time to move, we must be unhindered by things that hold no eternal significance. When it’s time to stay, we must remain with Him, not eager to rush ahead and make our own way.

In other words, we are to live simply, listen closely, love Him deeply, and obey completely. This is essential if we are to embrace and fulfill the destiny for which we have been created.

And the LORD said to Moses, “I will do the very thing you have asked, because I am pleased with you and I know you by name.” Then Moses said, “Now show me Your glory.”
Exodus 33:17-18
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