Quick Updates & Quiet Moments

Much has happened since my last post. Here’s the rundown …

Tyler is doing better and was able to spend Christmas at home. He has since had the cast replaced with a walking cast, which enables him to get around the house a little more easily. He will still use the wheelchair when he leaves the house. He is having IV medication administered every six hours (for about a month) through a PICC line in his right arm, which feeds about a foot and a half of tubing directly to his heart for better reception of the meds. This happens at home, and a home health nurse will go to school and administer the meds when he returns to school next week.

Other than that, we had a great Christmas with both sides of the family. It was all about the time spent with those we love, and our only regret is that we were unable to spend another week, and we would have loved to have had the opportunity to hook up with more friends while we were in town. God is good, and we were blessed to visit with a few friends, though.

Since we got back, we have hit the ground running, both at work and with the River. We are excited to see where the Lord will lead us this year, a year of renewed hope and fulfilled promises and realized dreams. We have both received some pretty strong and encouraging words for this year and are looking forward to see what the coming months will unfold before us.

On a sadder note, David’s great uncle, Gene Johnson, passed away yesterday morning in Austin. We will not be able to return for the funeral, but Uncle Gene was special to David, as he was closer to him than he was his own father, which is a story for another time and place. Prayers for comfort for the family are sincerely appreciated.

In honor of our concentrated efforts this month to unclutter our lives as much as possible and to simplify our surroundings as we return to our First Love, I am temporarily removing the Music from the Heart in the interest of promoting a quiet, peaceful environment. An old song once reminded us, “Silence is golden …” and what I am reconnecting with in these first days of 2009 is the beautiful peace and rest of simple silence. Now, for someone who has been accused of being a music junkie, the introduction of musicless moments into my day is HUGE, but I have already come to be reminded, in these precious moments of quiet solitude, how much more readily I can hear the voice of the Lover of my soul with no distractions and interruptions, even those that may seem “worthy.”

So, again, enjoy this simple quiet moment, savoring it for all it’s worth, and simply listen. Listen for that still, small voice gently calling you to a place of peace and rest and closeness in the coming year.

Grace & Peace,

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