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While leading worship last night at The River, the lyrics to one of the songs seemed to call to me, beckoning me to pause and examine them more closely. Too often we sit in church and sing songs with powerful words but our minds and spirits are not really connecting with what we are singing. Last night, I connected, and I believe others did, too, as we stopped for a moment to really take in what we were singing. Words have power – the power of life and death, and whether we speak them or sing them, their effect on the spirit realm and on our lives is profound.

With this in mind, I am simply going to share with you the lyrics of this song that captured my attention last night and encourage you to ponder each line and what it can mean for your life today – right now, in this moment.

What cry of your heart needs to be heard and answered today? What hope needs to be renewed? What deep, dark thing inside you is longing for freedom? There is safety in this place. He is here.

Here I am once again
I pour out my heart

For I know that you hear every cry

You are listening

No matter what state my heart is in
You are faithful to answer

With words that are true

And a hope that is real

As I feel Your touch

You bring a freedom to all that’s within

In the safety of this place

I’m longing to…

Pour out my heart
To say that I love You

Pour out my heart

To say that I need You

Pour out my heart

To say that I’m thankful

Pour out my heart

To say that You’re wonderful

Song: Pour Out My Heart
Artist: Brian Doerksen

Album: Light the Fire Again

Written by: Craig Musseau

Copyright: 1994 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing
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