Let It Rain

We have been enjoying much cooler than normal temperatures the past few days, and I must confess that I am absolutely loving it. It never made it out of the seventies yesterday, and it has been raining almost consistently for the past thirty-six hours. It is a slow, gentle, steady rain, the kind that soothes and refreshes both body and soul.

What is it about a cool rainy day that seems to calm me, causing me to want to settle into a quiet corner with a good book, a warm drink, and an hour or so to slip away from the day-to-day reality and lose myself in a daydream?

Whatever it is, I revel in it, this feeling that something simple, quiet and peaceful is just around the corner, that with every drop of rain that makes its way to my skin, I am a little more refreshed – a little less stressed – a little more thankful for simple, everyday blessings.

Thank You, Lord, for
the refreshing showers you send,
both physical and spiritual.
In both realms, let it rain.
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