Go Through the Crossroads to the River

The outreach ministry we have been a part of since we came to Fort Smith, Crossroads Outreach, is making a transition this summer to a full outreach church (a church within a church, we call it). Our new name is The River Fort Smith, and we are very excited about what we see the Lord doing here. We are gearing up for a neighborhood missions outreach at a local apartment complex. HopeFest (as the outreach is called) will be held August 1 and 2. More on that as the event draws closer.

For now, the River has a newly formed worship band called Mission 61. I will be rehearsing the musicians tonight for the first time. I’ll work with the vocalists separately at first, then pull everyone together for full rehearsals soon. I’m really excited about this new phase of this ministry. While I have been leading worship for the River (formerly Crossroads) for a number of years now, this will be the first time I’ve worked with a full band in quite a while. I’m really looking forward to it!

For now, I continue to pray for direction, pray for my team, and seek the Lord’s face in all things. I am believing for a no-walls worship experience, where freedom opens the door for us to enter into life-altering moments with our Creator not only on special occasions, and not just during weekly worship gatherings, but at any time in any place for any moment that we acknowledge who He is and who we are because of Him.

We stand before an audience of One.

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