Ebola on U.S. Soil


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A friend asked me today what my thoughts are re: the first American case of Ebola being found in Dallas and the commotion over securing the border. Here is my response:

While this individual came via plane from Liberia and not through the US/Mexico border, don’t think for a minute that this and other diseases will not find their way here through our loosely protected southern border. Only time will tell how this will play out. Just this morning, I read that one of the prophetic voices (someone I am not personally familiar with), posted the following on Facebook:

“On the morning of September 19th I was on a ministry trip in Las Vegas when I had a dream. I saw two headlines in newspapers: one read “Ebola Just Got On A Plane!” And the second one read “Coming To A City Near You!”

The man who now has Ebola in Dallas boarded a plane in Liberia on the 19th and landed in the US on the 20th. The dream she had was a clear warning from the Lord. I believe He revealed this to prompt His people to pray. While we may have some of the most advanced medical science on the planet here in the US, we are not equipped to handle the shear numbers that African nations have seen with this virus. No one is.

What we must be aware of is that a large-scale medical emergency, particularly in a border state, is exactly the kind of “state of emergency” that the current administration is looking to seize on to justify slamming the borders shut, not to protect us from something/someone coming in – but rather to keep us from leaving, and implementing martial law. The executive orders are already in place. He will either allow or create a crisis that will give him the green light to declare martial law. And if you think that martial law is just about curfews, think again. There is MUCH more involved in what has already been set into motion. Your life WILL change, and you need to do your own research to find out how.

This Ebola situation may or may not play into the final perfect storm that pushes us into a federal takeover. As I mentioned, only time will tell. Personally, I believe they are testing the waters to see how we respond.

People fear what they do not understand. Our best weapon is educating ourselves on what is really going on. And by “educating ourselves,” I do NOT mean dining at the table of the American media and assuming that we are being fed the whole truth. We must seek out the truth for ourselves and share it with others when we find it. The more educated we are and the more pure truth we possess, the more powerful we become. Those who seek to destroy this country from the inside out fear an educated public. It terrifies them. Their entire mission hinges on a citizenry that is too busy to notice what is really going on, too apathetic to care, and too lazy to seek out the truth about what our elected officials (at every level) are really up to and why and hold them accountable for it. It is our responsibility as U.S. citizens and as Christians.

Be vigilant. Be watchful. Be diligent. Be prayerful. Be not afraid. Our only hope, individually and as a nation, is in the person of Jesus Christ. It is by design that He is the Hope of the Nations (Matthew 12:21).

And as my friend mentioned in her comment to me this morning – we do not have much time.

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