Blessings in Disguise

Tonight’s Music from the Heart: Kenny G – White Christmas

It’s early December, and to celebrate the colder temperatures we are now experiencing, I played around a little with the camera this morning, donning woolly hat, gloves and scarf, all in an attempt to dress for the season.This evening I uploaded the pictures and played around a little more with various colors, soft edges and a host of other wonders of modern photo-editing software, and have selected a few “self-images” to share with you, dear friends and family. You can find the link, entitled “Just Messin’ Around” in the photo gallery section on the left of the page.

The flip side of why I had so much time today to play around with this stuff is that I seriously sprained my ankle and foot Monday and am operating with limited mobility for at least a week. Ugh.

Ace bandages & crutches aren’t exactly my idea of a festive holiday season, but I have chosen to accept this temporary slow-down as a blessing in disguise, as it has necessitated a slow-down of my busy-ness for a little while. This slow-down,while not on my calendar, is a welcome reprieve from the craziness that I tend to surround myself with if I’m not careful. Truth be told, I have actually enjoyed the opportunity to delve a little into a creative project, something I don’t make enough time for these days.

So, no deep profound thoughts this evening. Only a gentle reminder to take a few moments each day to savor the season, especially the moments that kinda sneak up on you unexpectedly, and look for the little blessings nestled inside those unplanned interruptions.

Happy December!


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