30 Days of Thankfulness: Days 9 & 10 – Temporary Home & Vanilla Spice Candles

The last few days have been a new variety of crazy-busy as I am beginning to catch up on missed work while still determining which of our clothes and kitchen  and personal items will be able to comfortably fit in our new little temporary digs – without cluttering things up.

Physically, I am finally starting to rest a little better and while I do feel like I’m in a battle with a mild ear and/or sinus infection, I am determined to win this little skirmish with my health in tact.

Here is my catch up for days 9 and 10:

Day 9 -  Temporary Home 

I am thankful for this cozy little travel trailer we are now calling “home” during this transitional phase. I was talking to my dear friend, Wendy, yesterday about my new little casa, and she commented on how flexible she thinks I am for embracing this unexpected change rather than resenting it.”What are you gonna do,” I replied. I come from a long line of strong people who became very accomplished at making the best of whatever life handed them, learning to laugh about it, loving each other through it and thanking the good Lord for every bit of it. I am just carrying on a family tradition.

As I sit here at the little dining table that doubles as my work space, I look around at this miniature version of home, and I am reminded of Alan Jackson’s song, “Little Bitty,” especially the chorus:

“It’s all right to be little bitty
Little hometown or a big old city
Might as well share, might as well smile
Life goes on for a little bitty while.”
I may have no idea of what the Lord has in store for us next, but for now, we are together, happy and blessed. Our not-so-little-bitty 60-pound canine companion is enjoying her not-so-little-bitty cushy pillow – on which she is currently passed out and snoring. There is a lot to be said for simplified living. Life is good.
Day 10: Vanilla Spice Candles
I’m a sucker for holiday-scented candles, and this year I discovered a new-to-me fragrance that is helping to make our little home on wheels smell a little more warm and inviting. It’s Vanilla Spice – a wonderful blend of the warmth of vanilla and the pick-me-up undertones of cinnamon and other spices. It really doesn’t take much to make me happy, and this candle is doing a fine job of it. What’s YOUR favorite holiday fragrance?
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