30 Days of Thankfulness: Days 19 & 20 – Lazy Days & Chocolate

Day 19: Lazy Days
Today (Saturday) was a lazy day for me. I did almost nothing and I’m not ashamed to admit, I loved it. Some days we just need to rest and recoup, recharging our batteries for the days and weeks ahead. Today was one of those days. Most of the day consisted of Hallmark holiday movies, napping, a little light shopping and getting a haircut. Yep. A little break now and then is a good thing!

Day 20: Chocolate

Chocolate is a wonderful little thing that can perk up almost any occasion. It is a part of some of our most memorable moments and celebrations.

Classic romance encourages the giving of chocolates to the one we love. Chocolate ice cream holds a strong second place as the most popular flavor (second only to vanilla). But even if we prefer vanilla ice cream, what do we put on top of it? Hot fudge or chocolate syrup, of course!

Dark, white or milk, bring it on! It is a serious mood enhancer, and as such, it is an effective stress management tool.

From Hershey’s kisses to hot chocolate, S’mores to mocha coffee drinks, chocolate fountains to puddings, cakes and pies – chocolate is a welcome part of my little piece of the world. Pass the Oreos, please!

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