10 Things I Remember About Summer as a Kid

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As the lazy hazy days of summer are making their rounds once again, I admittedly find myself at work some days wishing I was anywhere else. After pondering this a little more deeply, I have decided that my daydreaming has less to do with my job (I love where I work and what I do) and more to do with a nostalgic longing for a simpler time.

With that in mind, here is another edition of my “10 Things” lists:

Ten Things I Remember About Summer as a Kid

1. The thrill of having unstructured time to do whatever we wanted.

2. Riding my bike to the library and spending half the afternoon there, reading, dreaming, and enjoying the smell.

3. Swimming lessons, culminated at the end of the second year by jumping off the high-dive in order to pass the class.

4. Spending time at my grandmother’s house, without Mom and Dad, and how special & grown-up that made me feel.

5. The unforgettable sound of night critters like crickets & katydids, which seemed to be everywhere.

6. Kool-aid and bologna sandwiches.

7. Slip n’ Slide and whatever other ways we could get wet with the garden hose.

8. Drinking from the garden hose without even a thought about getting sick – but letting the water cool off first, of course.

9. Playing outside from morning until dark and coming in at night wearing the smell of summer.

10. The absolute freedom of not having a care in the world.

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One Response to 10 Things I Remember About Summer as a Kid

  1. This is pretty close to the same 10 things I’d have written, excpt I’d have to work playing in the desert in there somewhere…